Why you should work with a Project Manager

By January 10, 2018General

When building a website, most business owners prefer to work directly with the web designers and developers instead of hiring a project manager in order to lower the costs. However, considering that most designers and developers are IT specialists who are very technical, interacting and communicating effectively with them is not easy, especially if you are not very familiar with the IT world which can therefore create a very stressful situation for both you and the developer. In addition, the lack of clear communication can cause problems with the website building project, leading to increased expenses and delayed delivery. To prevent such a situation, business owners should hire a project manager to coordinate the project and act as a bridge between them and the development team.

The role of a project manager when building a website

Generally, the project manager is a person who is assigned the responsibility of of successfully initiating, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, coordinating, controlling, and finishing of a project. When it comes to website building, the project manager plays an important role of coming up with a feasible plan on how the website will be built, and coordinating all the people involved with the project to ensure that your website is built successfully and delivered in time. In addition, the project manager acts as a link between you and the development team by providing you with updates on how the project is going and relaying your wishes, questions, and concerns to the team.

Benefits of working with a project manager

As already mentioned, most small business owners forego using a website project manager when having their website built to avoid the extra cost. However, there are several advantages of working with a project manager, and they make the extra cost of hiring one worthwhile. These benefits include:

1) Better communication

One of the main skills required to be a project manager is great communication skills so as to be able to effectively handle all the participants involved in a project. Therefore, when you are having a website built for your business, working with a project manager ensures that there is a clear line of communication between you and the web development team – designer, developer, programmer, graphic designer, etc. Project managers are also great at dealing with different personalities and have great social skills, which helps them to diffuse tense situations that arises when there lacks proper communication. As a result, you do not have to deal with the design/development team when working with a project manager which helps you to avoid situations that can be stressful.

2) Increased efficiency

Project managers are very skilled at managing things, and they are able to formulate realistic plans that will ensure your website building project is completed successfully. A website project manager will also conduct a risk assessment to minimize various risks that can affect the completion of your website building project, as well as identify and solve any problems that arises when the project is ongoing. In addition, when working with a website project manager, he/she will be able to effectively coordinate all the personnel involved with the project and push them to meet the deadlines. This helps to ensure that the building of your business’ website is carried out smoothly with minimal problems, and that the project is completed in time.

3) Reduced expenses

Project managers are very great at monitoring expenses of a project to ensure that your budget requirements are not exceeded. A project manager will also initiate cost-saving measures to reduce the expenses of your project, as well as to minimize inefficiency that can lead to the inflation of the budget. In addition, due to their vast experience, project managers can detect when someone on the team is inflating the expenses. Working with a project manager thus protects you from any would-be unscrupulous designers and developers who might try to take advantage of you.

4) Better satisfaction, no tech headaches

One advantage of working with a project manager is that the person you hire is likely to have a lot of experience in managing a website building project. Therefore, he/she is familiar with what most business owners look for in a website, and can be able to create a great plan for the project that will ensure you get the best out of the deal. In addition, a project manager will help to coordinate, supervise and motivate the development team to ensure that your project is finished on time, and within the set budget limits.


The process of having a website built for your business is not an easy one, and it can easily turn into a very frustrating and stressful situation, especially if you are not able to effectively handle interacting with the design and development team. Fortunately for you as a business owner, you can be able to avoid all the stress that comes with having a website built by choosing to work with the project manager. This way, you only interact with the project manager who acts as a go-between you and the development team. The project manager can also bring you additional benefits such as pushing for the deadline to be met and helping to reduce the cost of the project.

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