Are you keeping up with these website design trends?

Nowadays, owning a website is the key to success for any small business. However, small business owners face one major problem when it comes to the world of websites; website trends are constantly changing, something that can cause a good website to be outdated in a very short time. Therefore, if you own a business website, you must keep up with the latest website trends to ensure that your online business remains competitive. Below is a look at some of the current website trends that you should keep up with:

  1. Minimalist design approach

The traditional website design approach has, for a long time now, been to make the website look good for the users. However, designers have been shifting away from this approach and replacing it with new techniques that focus on other important aspects of a website are replacing it.

A good example of such design techniques is the minimalist design approach, where designers reduce the number of features on web pages to improve the performance of the website. Reducing the features also helps to highlight the website content, which makes it easy for the website visitors to find it.

Despite being around for long, the minimalist approach gained popularity in the website industry at around 2015. However, it has gained a strong foothold in the web design industry, and it looks like it is here to stay.

  1. Video background

Video has grown in popularity over the past number of years, rising to become the most popular form of content on the internet. In the last two years, this popularity has slowly found its way to the world of website design, where web designers are now using videos as the background instead of using images or graphics.

The trend has been embraced by even the large corporations, with websites such as PayPal and Spotify featuring video backgrounds. This shows that trend is steadily gaining a foothold, and it is only a short time away from becoming a common practice when designing websites.

  1. Big, bold type fonts

As already stated above, web designers and website clients are starting to place focus on more important aspects of a website. One of these aspects is the content, which has risen to become one of the most important website elements; after all, users visit a website for its content. Due to this reason, web designers have been experimenting with various ways they can make content more appealing for users, which has led to the emergence of bold, rich type fonts. These types of fonts help to make the website content more conspicuous, thus attracting the attention of the web visitors. Large fonts will also help to make the content more readable, improving the user experience.

  1. Grid layout

The grid-based layout is another hot web design and development trend. It rose to prominence because of the several benefits it offers, which include:

  • Improving the clarity and organization of the design, which makes it easier for users to find information and navigate the website
  • Enhancing efficiency during the design process, which makes it easy for designers to add features to the layout
  • Helping to create a great visual hierarchy, which improves the user experience

The grid layout is now one of the most used layouts when designing websites, and with more and more people realizing the benefits it offers, it is likely that the trend will stick around for a while.

  1. Use of images and infographics

The use of videos is not the only hot web design trend; images and infographics have also become very popular as more and more website owners try to improve the aesthetic appeal of their sites. With images, website owners are able to attract and capture the attention of the visitors. Images and infographics also help to supplement the text content, making it more interesting for the users. Due to these benefits, the use of high-quality images and infographics has become very popular among web designers and website clients.


The above are some of the top web design and development practices that are currently trending. If you own an online business, you should watch out for these, and several other trends in the industry, and try to incorporate them into your website.