Start Your Web Design Right With These Five Steps

With more and more customers using the internet to find and purchase products and services, gone are the days when a business could stay successful while using traditional advertising methods. Nowadays, if you want your business to stay competitive, you must establish an online presence that will make it easy for prospects to find you. This means that you must build a good website that will increase the online visibility of your business, thus helping you to attract prospects, engage them, and convert them into sales. But how do you get started with building a website?

Getting started with your website project

Business owners who want to take their operations online are aware of the importance of having a website, and they would like to have one built for them as soon as possible. However, most of them, especially small business owners who have been using traditional advertising methods, do not really know what they need on their business website. This is because deciding on things such as the logo, the colors to use, the font, the type of content, and several other website features can be quite confusing if you have never done it before. Fortunately, if you are one of these business persons, we can be able to help you decide what you want for your website. If you want to have your website designed, below is a look at some 5 crucial things you can do before coming to us to ensure that your project will proceed as smoothly as possible.

1. Research ideas for a logo

One of the best ways of getting your web design project started is by researching some logo design ideas that will be used on your website. You can do this by looking at some of the logos from reputable companies and businesses and then trying to come up with your own ideas. For the best outcome, you should research at least 5 ideas, which we will then pass on to our graphic designers to help them design you a unique logo for your business.

2. Research the type of fonts you would like

Fonts are an important design feature as they help to improve the aesthetic quality of your website, and at the same time, make it easier for your website visitors to read your content. Therefore, before getting started with your website project, you should conduct thorough research on the types of fonts that you would like to be used on your website, and bring about 3 to 5, which we will hand over to the design team.

When researching the fonts, you should start by considering all the available options, and then list the fonts that please you; you can easily find various types of web fonts used in web design through a Google search. You can also look at the types of fonts that have been used by various websites and choose the ones you think are amazing.

3. Choose some color swatches

The colors used on your website help to enhance your brand’s image while making your website attractive. This helps to ensure that visitors who come to your website have a memorable first experience, thus encouraging them to stay longer, and come back again after they get what they want. Due to this reason, the color scheme to be used is another important decision you should make before we start your web design project. Before you come to us, research some color ideas and identify at least three color swatches that appeal to you. We will then review these colors with you and help you chose an ideal one for your online brand.

4. Research some WordPress templates

Choosing the website theme to be used in developing your website is another confusing task, but a crucial one that must be done the right way to ensure that you get a good website. Therefore, before getting started with your website project, it is important that you chose a WordPress template that will be used to develop your website. This means that you have to research several themes and chose an ideal one using considerations such as:

  • Is the theme affordable?
  • Is the theme mobile responsive?
  • How is the performance/speed?
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • What’s the user experience like?

If you cannot be able to choose one specific theme, you can select at about 5 of them and bring them to us. Based on what appeals you in each one of them, we will help you narrow down to an ideal option for your online business.

5. Do some research on competitors

When you are preparing to establish an online presence for your business, you should understand that there are several other similar businesses that are already online. Therefore, if you want customers to notice your online business, your website must be able to compete with those of other businesses. Before you come to use, you should thus conduct research on several competitors to find out what they are doing on their website. This will give you a few ideas that you can be able to incorporate into your website design. It can also help you find out what you can do differently, thus helping to make your online business more unique.


Getting started on a web design project is not an easy thing; there are several decisions to make and it can be very confusing when trying to make them. At On Purpose Projects, we understand how hard this can be for you, and we always strive to ensure that our clients have a smooth time as possible when we are helping build them a business website. Therefore, if you are looking to establish an online presence, follow the above simple tips to get you started, and then we will help you do the rest.