Prior to building my new website, will you review my existing website first?

Yes, we will review your existing site with you and determine the elements of your existing site that you love so that we can carry that into the new design. We will also determine what is not working so that we can solve those issues with the new design.

Are you going to create a fully custom-made website, or make customizations to an existing theme/template?

We can create a fully custom-made website or customize an existing WordPress theme. It would totally depend on your needs and budget.

Any web design technical limitations I should be aware of?

It will depend on the design or technology feature(s) you request for your website. We will determine all of this with you before we start designing the site and then inform you if there are limitations and if what you want can or cannot be done. Doing this will avoid you having any potential surprises, additional costs, or time delays to complete the project.

Should I provide the written copy for the website, or do you provide it?

Yes, you should provide written copy for the website in a word document, organized by website page and then by section. If you need help writing your content, we would be happy to recommend a 3rd party writing service. 

Do you provide a Photoshop file for the design of the website?

Yes we will provide you with a photoshop file of the final approved mock up(s).

Do you design logos in case I need one?

We do not do logo design but can recommend a third party resource to get a logo done. 

Would you help me find images for my website?

Yes we can definitely help you find images for your website. We use for all our stock photo needs.

Do you provide a warranty for the website after you complete it?

Once the site is live and you find something that was our error, we will fix it free of charge. If you need help with maintaining your site, you can purchase a website maintenance package to keep your site running smoothly and/or apply any future edits you may have to your site.

What deliverables will you be providing upon the completion of the project?

We will provide you with your new live website, a brand guide, a summary of what was done broken down by phase, any and all log in information, links to final psd files and all original stock photos purchased and used on your site (if we were the ones who purchased your images).

How will you make my website stand out, so it doesn’t look cookie- cutter?

We have a very thorough intake system where we take the time to get to know a lot about you and your business and determine what your strengths are and what makes you unique. Using that information, we translate that into a design that sets you apart from your competition.

Do you offer e-commerce services, including building an online store and accepting online payments?

Yes we can help you set up your online store by integrating an e-commerce add-on called WooCommerce for our WordPress websites.

Will my website be built to grow as my business grows?

From day one your website will be built in a way that will allow you to make edits, additions and changes throughout the years. 

Will the functionality of my website be tested before it goes live?

Absolutely. We have a team that tests your site thoroughly before it goes live. We test all buttons, forms, links and the site’s responsiveness on other devices like mobile and tablet views.

What do you need from me to get started?

Here’s a short list of things we need from you before we can get started:

● Filling out our comprehensive intake forms so that we can get to know you and your company better and get an idea of what you need.
● Your commitment of 3-5 hours/week for the next month to work with us on the planning / design of your website
● An outline or list of all the pages you’d like your website to include
● Your logo on an editable vector format, or a high-resolution PNG file
● Have the content of your website partially or fully completed (in a word document, organized per web page), unless you’re hiring us to provide copywriting services.
● Brand guide (if you have one)
● Social media links
● Any images you’d like us to use (high res 300dpi JPG or PNG files)
● PDF files (if any)
● Audio files (if any)
● Video files (if any)

Approximately how long will it take you to complete the website?

It depends how complex the job is and how quickly your response time is in giving us content and feedback during the process. We typically turn-around web design projects in around two months. 

Can you explain to me in 5 to 10 steps what’s the web design process you follow?

Our complete website design / development process is described here 

How many rounds of revisions will you provide?

Unlimited as we charge by the hour

Do you work alone or with other people? If not alone, with whom else?

We have a team that works on making sure you have the best website possible. There is a project manager, web designer, graphic designer, web developer and quality testers, as well as a copywriter when needed.

Do you provide wireframes or mockup layouts of the website design prior to development?

We usually provide a wireframe with our estimates so that you know the basic structure and pages of what you’ll be getting. Once hired, we will provide mock ups of each and every page of the site.

How many unique web page layouts will you be designing?

We provide a web page layout for each of your web pages showing the desktop view. If you desire to have a specific custom design for tablet and mobile view, we will then provide design layouts for that as well.

What’s the process you follow to request and manage changes?

InvisionApp for client comments on mock ups or client emails their requests for revisions.

Do you use any software tools to aid you in your design work?

Content management system (CMS): Wordpress

● Graphic & Web Design: Photoshop
● Interactive Designs:
● Hosting & Server Tools: Whatever hosting company the client is using

Will I be able to update the website on my own?

Yes we will give you full control of your website but please remember to check with your web team if you have any questions before you change anything as we can provide guidance and training videos where necessary. 

Do you include any type of website maintenance with your website building fee?

We do provide ongoing website management and maintenance services that are custom created to fit your business’ unique needs & budget.