Essential Components of a Great Blog Post

A lot of people think that writing a blog is as easy as coming up with an idea, and then throwing up some content on the topic. And with how easy creating a blog has become nowadays, no one can be blamed for thinking that; after all, you just need a computer, internet connection, and a forum to submit your blog. However, as any experienced blog writer will tell you, creating a blog post is a long and thorough process that sometimes takes up to even 5 hours. This is in order to ensure that you create a unique and interesting blog post that will not only inform the readers, but also keeps them engaged till the end, where you can then persuade them to take the desired action.

Components of a great blog post

As already stated, writing a good blog post is quite a process that includes more than just creating content about a topic. This video will give you a very detailed outline about creating a good blog post:

Below is a look at some of the important components of an excellently created blog post.

1. A great and interesting idea

Coming up with an idea for a blog post might seem very straightforward, but you will be surprised to find that a good number of blog posts available online lack great ideas, while most just lack originality. Therefore, when creating a blog post, you must come up with a great idea for your post, which should be interesting, and at the same time, relevant to the readers you are writing for. This means that you have to do a lot of research, in order to understand who your readers are, and what will interest them.

2. A catchy headline

After the idea, the next important element of a great blog post is the headline. This will be the first thing that readers will see when they come across your post, and it will either attract their attention or put them off. With online readers being very picky on what they read, the headline should be very catchy in order to capture their attention and bait them to reading through your post. It should also be informative, which will help to inform them what they can expect when reading your post.

3. Great writing and formatting

Having a great idea and a captivating headline is important when writing a blog post, but the final say lies in the content you present to the readers. Therefore, after researching the idea and creating a catchy headline, you should proceed to create valuable content for your readers. The content should be interesting to keep them engaged throughout, and at the same time very informative, thus making them feel that they have gained value.

In addition to creating good content, you should format and present it in a neat and easy-to-read manner, which will optimize the user experience of the readers. This can be achieved by using sub-heading and bullet lists to separate the points in your post, and direct the readers to where the important information is located. When creating the content, you should also be brief so as not to bore the readers, and clear enough (simple language with no jargon), to ensure that the readers understand easily what you are saying.

4. Images and videos

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” applies greatly when it comes to writing a blog post. The content you have created for your post might be good, but adding images and other forms of visual content such as videos and infographics will make it great. The added visual stimuli will help to capture the attention of the readers by making your blog post more attractive. In addition, it will help enhance the understanding of the readers, as most people tend to remember visual information better than plain text.

5. A compelling call to action

A call to action is another important component that you should include when creating a blog post. Coming at the end of your post, the call to action will help to provide readers with a way of getting more information through actions such as subscribing to a newsletter or signing up for a program. It is also a great avenue for marketing a product or service related to what you have written about.

6. Search engine optimization

You may have created a great your blog post, but it is worth nothing to you if no one or only a few people read it. Therefore, when writing your post, you should ensure that it will be visible to anyone searching for the information you are offering by optimizing it for the search engines. This is achieved by researching and using good keywords (including long-tail keywords), formatting your post in a mobile-friendly layout (mobile SEO), creating a reader-friendly meta description, including back links to authority web and blog pages, optimizing the images for search engine algorithms (by including names and text descriptions for the images), and using internal links.


Blogging might seem like an easy and effortless thing to do, but it entails much more than what most people anticipate when they are getting started with writing blog posts. And while the process of creating a good blog post is a bit daunting, it becomes much easier when you know what you are doing. With the above guidelines, you can be able to create a great blog post that will attract the attention of the readers, and convey the information you have prepared for them.