How To figure out which kind of contractors you need

By March 9, 2016General

In today’s world, running a successful business is not an easy thing; it is tricky and requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. Fortunately, small business owners can take the advantage of the internet to set up online business ventures that will be able to compete favorably in the market. However, for this to happen, you need to have a great online presence, which will require you to build a good website for your business.

While you can turn to DIY (do-it-yourself) website building – like some small business owners do – building a website requires some specialized skills that you might not have. Fortunately, by hiring professionals with some of these skills, you can be able to build a great website that will allow your business to grow and expand. If you are considering building a website, below are some of the different types of web skills that are required to build a website.

1) Web design

One of the most important web skills that are required when building a website is web design. A web designer helps to create the look and layout of your website, as well as integrate various features into your website to ensure that it is running effectively. The web designer is also tasked with the role of ensuring that the imagery and graphics on your website are displayed to the user as fast as possible without compromising their quality.

Typically, web designers charge an average of $60 an hour, though you can get some charging as cheap as $40 an hour or as high as $100 an hour. These charges are dependent on the kind of website you want to be created, as well as the quality of service that will be provided.

Check this video to know what it takes to be a web designer:

2) Web programming

In order for your website to function efficiently, a number of applications such as content management systems, shopping carts, payment processing systems, blog sections, and many others must be added to your website. Web programmers are tasked with the development of these applications and then writing the code that will be used to execute the applications on the web. The code is written using a programming language, which can include PHP, SQL, MySQL, Python, Javascript, and many more.

Web programming is one of the most important tasks when building a website. The programmer you hire writes code (software) that is used to run applications, web pages, online databases, and other applications that are found on your website. A good web programmer will charge you about $70 – $100 an hour.

3) Web development

Web development is another skill that is required when building a website for your business. While web development is critical for your website, it involves both designing and programming, and the developer is tasked with designing features of the website, writing code, and modifying the layout and functions of the website to ensure that you get a visually appealing site that has a great user experience.

Despite the crossover in some of the roles, web development is an important skill since the developer is more focused on developing clean design, writing clean code, and integrating the latest tends in web design and development to deliver a highly efficient website. Hiring a web developer in addition to a designer and programmer is thus a good idea. A good web developer will charge about $60 – $150 an hour depending on the quality of the service you want.

Other types of web skills that are important when building a website

In addition to the above web skills, there are other skills that you might require if you want to build a great website for your small business.

These include:

Graphic design

When building a website, graphic designers are tasked with creating images and visual files that will be included on the web pages. Their role is to use colors, illustration, photography, animation, prints and various layouts to create appealing web pages that will attract the attention of the web visitors. A graphic designer will charge approximately $75 an hour. While hiring one might be a very good idea, it might not be necessary if you have a highly qualified web designer since most of their roles are similar.

  • Content writing

For your website to be complete, it must have content, either in the form of text, images, or videos. Hiring a content writer to create content for your website is thus a great idea. Most content writers will charge about $10-50 dollars depending on the type of the content you need.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is another important web skill that helps your website to have an online presence and get high rankings on the search engine organization. Hiring an experienced SEO specialist for your website is a great idea, as he/she will help to ensure that your online marketing campaigns are effective. A good SEO expert will charge you about $100 -$250 an hour depending on the size, length, and duration of the project. However, high end SEO firms can charge as high as $750 an hour, while it is still possible to get SEO specialists charging as little as $25 an hour.

A cheaper option…

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