Custom Coded Websites: Advantages vs. Disadvantages 

When building a website for your small business, you have the option of choosing between using a website template or hiring a web designer/developer to build you a custom coded website. While both of these approaches are very popular in the eCommerce world, custom coded websites are becoming increasingly popular with a number of small business owners as they seek to set themselves apart from the competitors and maintain a professional image for their brand. However, what most small business owners fail to realize is that while custom designed websites come with a lot of advantages, they also carry with them a fair share of disadvantages. As a small business owner, you should therefore carefully consider all factors before rushing to build a custom designed website.

Benefits of a custom coded website design

1) It offers a unique design

One of the main advantages of custom coded website design is that it provides you with a unique website that is unlike any other out there. Custom coding allows you to build your website from the scratch, according to the specific requirements of your brand. Therefore, you can choose colors, text font an size, design and layout, and a myriad of features that will provide with a unique final design. Having a unique website will allow your brand to stand out from the competitors, and provide you with a competitive edge that can make it easy for you to attract traffic and make conversions.

2) It is flexible and provides a long-term scalability

Unlike theme-based websites, custom coded websites are very flexible, and you can change them over time to meet the requirements of your business as it expands. You can increase the number of features, add more pages, and change the look and feel of your website as time goes on and additional eCommerce technology becomes available, which makes them ideal for a long-term business plan.

3) It offers better search engine optimization

Custom website designs are custom coded by website developers who have years of experience in developing search engine friendly websites. You can also hire a search engine specialist during the development process to ensure the final design of your website is SEO friendly. In addition, the custom coded website design allows you to decide on the keywords and other SEO features of the various pages of your website. This helps to ensure that your website is SEO friendly, increasing the branding potential of your small business.

4) It offers better user experience

One of the reasons many businesses prefer a custom coded web design is that it can offer a better user experience than a template-based website. Custom coding allows you to easily update content and implement features that increase the functionality of your website..

Disadvantages of custom coded web design

1) It is expensive

One of the main drawbacks of opting for a custom coded website is that it requires a huge initial investment. Before the design and development of the website can begin, a lot of planning and research is needed to ensure that the final design of the website meets the specific needs of your business. A custom coded website will also require you to hire a number of experts, which might include a web designer, a web developer, a programmer, SEO experts, and so on. All these make the cost of building the website to be very high.

2) It takes a lot of time

As already mention, building a custom website first requires you to undertake a lot of planning and research. During this stage, there must be collaboration between all the stakeholders who are involved in the design and development of your website. In addition, custom coding means you have to start building from scratch, as compared to themed websites, where you only have to make a number of changes to be up and running. A lot of time is thus required to custom code a website, which might affect the operation of your business if you are in a hurry to create an online presence.

3) It is tedious to develop,  manage and maintain. 

In addition to being time consuming, custom coded websites are very tedious to develop. From the research and planning stage to the development stage where a lot of programming and designing is required, a custom coded website can take a huge toll on you. A lot of time and effort is thus required to build one, and sometimes, it might be impossible to see the development through if you do not have the expertise required. Often with custom coded websites making updates yourself can be difficult and expensive as you may be required to hire back the developer to make any changes (that you could make yourself for free with a WordPress template).

4) It is very easy to run into delays

Before a custom website is launched, it must undergo several tests to ensure that there are no bugs. While these tests are important to ensure that your website does not develop problems in the future, they can further delay the launching of the website, especially when the web developer comes across any problems that need to be fixed. This is a problem that can be avoided with themed websites, which use templates that have been tested to ensure that there are no bugs.

5) Your business might not require it

While a custom coded website is built with the sole purpose of meeting your specific business requirements, your business needs might not be large enough to warrant building one. There are several website templates available on the markets, such as the premium website templates, which come with enough features that can sufficiently meet the need of most small businesses. Besides, you can always start with a themed website and then upgrade to a custom coded one as your business expands.


This video will give you more explanation as to what you should choose:

Custom coded websites come with several advantages that can be of great benefit to your small business, especially in the long run. However, when taking into account factors such as time and budget, custom coded websites might not be the best option for your business. Therefore, instead of investing a huge amount of money on a custom coded website, you should consider having your website built using premium WordPress template, which can offer you several features and functionalities that will meet your current business requirements.