Benefits of using a premium WordPress template to build your website

few months ago I was having a conversation with a potential client who was skeptical about the idea of hiring a web development team to help her with her new website who didn’t know how to write code. Although she didn’t know anything about building websites herself, she was convinced that to get the site she wanted she was going to have to hire a high-priced programmer  who knew all the coding languages (which my team and I didn’t).  Instead of picking us to help her, she went with another guy because she felt he had more of the skills she was looking for.

After a few weeks I was dying of curiosity to see how her site was looking and so checked it out. For all the time and money she had put into working with the tech guy, her site looked totally amateur and I knew it probably cost her double what we would have charged her for a much better site. I thought of how many other small business owners like her are out there who think that the only road to a great website is to spend an arm and a leg simply because they don’t know any better. Fortunately, another easier and far more affordable option exists in the form of building your website with pre-made premium WordPress templates (no custom coding, no HTML, no programming).

Below is a look at some of the benefits of using benefits of using a premium WordPress template when building your website.

1) Uniqueness

One of the reasons most people prefer custom coding (building a website from scratch using a code that is specifically designed for that purpose) is that it delivers a high level of uniqueness for your website. However, you can still be able to build a unique and custom website that stands out from the rest when using premium WordPress templates. The templates are sold to only a few customers, and there are plenty of templates available on the market. Therefore, there is a very low chance that the template you choose will be used by another business. This helps to ensure that the website you create is unique and memorable for the visitors, which can help your online business to stand out from the rest and compete favorably in the market.

You will often find tweets, updates like these from various business consultants on social media. I have hardly come across anyone who does not recommend premium WordPress templates.

2) Affordability

One of the challenges most small business owners face when building a website is budget limitations. If budget is your problem, using premium WordPress templates is your perfect solution. The templates are very affordable, with the most expensive ones going for a few hundred dollars. In addition, there are no set-up fees for your website, and you do not need to use a web designer or developer. This saves you from having to pay thousands of dollars on a custom designed website, money that you can then divert to growing your business online.

3) Shorter development time

Custom designing a website is not an easy thing since it requires you to start the development from scratch, which can take a lot of time even for an experienced programmer. On the other hand, WordPress templates comes with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and manage. Using premium WordPress templates is thus much less time consuming, and you can build a decent website without having to rely on a web designer and developer.

4) Built in SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is an important component of a website, and it can help your business gain an edge over the competitors in the market. Premium WordPress templates come with a built-in search function that helps to facilitate SEO campaigns of your website. The function allows you to tag your content, come up with keyword-rich URLs, track your SEO progress and other SEO tasks that help your website to be found and rank highly on search engine. You can also install additional plugins that can help you optimize the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

5) Support and Updates

Another great benefit of using premium WordPress templates to build your website is the support services and the updates it offers. Most of the premium template developers offer support services, which provide customers with timely support to help them fix various problems with their websites. In addition to support, WordPress developers also offer updates that help to fix bugs and add new features, and ensure that the templates continue working properly. This helps to make sure that your website continues functioning optimally, and various problems and bugs that can cause functionality and security problems are fixed.

6) Personalized options

Premium templates come with several functions, which helps to ensure that you build a custom website with a lot of functionality for your business. With a premium template you can be able to control various things when building your website, for example, the page layout, image display, text font, speed control, footer display, and many others. This ensures that you get a unique website that meets the needs of your business.


I would really like you to check this discussion on Quora if you need to know more about the benefits of premium templates. You will have more reviews by users who have used both free as well as paid templates.

When you are running a business, you should invest in building a solid website that can help to expand and grow your business. Premium WordPress templates can help you to create a decent website for your business, which can help to increase your revenue. The process is simple, straightforward, and does not require you to pay for a professional developer. This comes in handy when you do not need a complex website, or when you need to build one as quickly as possible while facing budget constraints.

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