10 Small Biz Website Errors You Should Avoid

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An aspect that small business owners need to understand is that their website can make or break their businesses. Because the visitors do not know your business, your website serves as the first impression which will either make them eager to do business with you or avoid doing business with you. As such, you want their interaction with your site to inspire them to contact you and not your competitors. To achieve this, here are 10 Small Biz Website errors you should avoid.

1. “Show off” Content

Small businesses tend trying to convince the potential clients that they are the best brand by bombarding them with inwardly focused promotional content such as burying their prospects in self-praise, benefits, and features. This is a great turn off; business owners should market from the customer’s point of view, by indicating what’s in it for them.

2. Unfocused Branding

Another common mistake small businesses do is that they tend to communicate they are the experts in everything. They tend to convey “we’re the most affordable,” “We’re the best,” “we’re the most innovative,” etc. This is actually counter-productive. It even communicates that you are mediocre at everything. You should focus on one area of excellence and communicate it effectively.

3. No Credibility Elements

Because the customers do not know your business yet, you need to find a way of overcoming their skepticism by having credibility elements. These include Customer testimonial, statistics on your sales and project completed etc. to give the impression that the company is growing and successful. Otherwise, the visitors are not likely to trust your marketing propaganda.

4. Poor Contact Options

If your site does not make it easy and convenient for the prospects to contact you, they will not. A good contact form has few required fields to fill, a privacy statement to assure them of their privacy, and a confirmation email to welcome them after registration.

5. Poor SEO Strategy

Search engines have the potential to drive huge prospects your way. However, your small business is not yet popular; the customers need to find you easily or rather stumble upon you in the search engines to know that you exist in the first place. A poor SEO strategy gives your business poor SEO ranking thus it is hard for visitors to find you.

6. Using Stock Photography

Due to tight budgets, small businesses tend to use stock photography to cut on website development budgets. This is a big mistake because these photos give a false impression of your business that conveys lack of innovation. Invest in having the actual photographs of your business, products and personnel in your site to convey reality and add credibility.

7. Typos

Having grammatical errors, vague statements, spelling errors and other mistakes communicates that your company lacks sophistication, and doesn’t pay attention to details, and thus end up losing client’s trust. Consider hiring in house professional writers or you can as well hire professional writers online to get the top notch content on your site.

8. Poor Usability

Having a user-friendly website is a much more complex affair than most imagine. Confusing navigation discourages customers from using your site. A site with good usability navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Usability problems can be fixed by observing users use your site.

9. Not Displaying Your Work

Small business websites tend to be general; to convert leads into actual sales, you need to show your customers your work, how you get results and the value to the customer. This can be achieved by having a portfolio on successful projects, case studies etc.

10. Unresponsive Website

A very important aspect that may make or break the ability of your website to generate leads. Currently, more people access internet using mobile phones than PCs and more so, a mobile-unfriendly website leads to poor search engine ranking. Thus is imperative to have a responsive website.

By avoiding these 10 small biz website errors, small businesses can transform their websites into lead and revenue making tool. Reference


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